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The lifestyle changing laptop bag

         You've heard of the saying "You are what you wear", right? Who hasn't? This mindset has been in fashion for ages (see this NYT article  from 1979!).  Well, I happen to fully believe in it.  Fair or not, accurate or not, there is something to it. You can tell a lot about a person based on how they present themselves.  And I'm not talking about the fully made up/ mega fashionistas,  I don't want to go down that rabbit hole;  rather, I'm talking about what we portray to people by what we wear from head to toe in our day to day.  For instance, when I see a lady in workout clothes at the grocery store, I'm assuming she's a busy person that cares about fitness.  She must have just come from a workout or is about to go to a workout and she's running errands in between thus she is all geared up and ready to drop into a plank at any minute in the cereal aisle.  You know who I'm talking about, you are probably one of these people ... I know I am. I worked in an office once where, kid you not, majority of the men were all wearing plaid flannel, had competing tattoo sleeves and had either or both heavy facial hair or a man bun ... it was a creative agency, no surprise there. The observation was so on point that it was funny; I was thinking that this was a uniform of some type. Now I think creatives have this mountain man look but with Vans rather than Timberlands. Love it. I'm generalizing and openly assuming but think about it, you are having a blah day so you may gravitate towards an oversized cozy sweatshirt or you put on a "power suit" for your big presentation because you want to get pumped up.  The point is, you are displaying your subconscious by what you are wearing and this is your way of communicating your "feels" to the world.
         Well with the new Covid induced  shift to pro work/life balanced work schedules, for instance flexible hours, remote work, contracting, freelancing, part time schedules, so on and so forth,  the bar has been reset in terms of what to expect from a typical work week. It is taking us away from the traditional five days a week chained to your desk mode of operation, leaving us with more space (mentally and physically) for prioritizing our time and life. We have agency Folks! By the way, props to companies that have always made work/life balance in your workforce a priority, so ahead of your game! Even if you are working a full 40+/ 50+ hours work week, with the vast options offered of how/where/when you work your "post Covid" work week is now the new norm and I bet what you wear is influenced by this.  Hence the current uptick of elastic waist pants and wireless bras; ahhhhh.... it's hitting you now isn't it? In addition to embracing a more flexible work schedule , a lot of companies that have people go into the office have also moved to a more lenient work culture and dress code. Do you remember "casual Fridays?", well isn't that pretty much everyday now? Therefore, no more uptight, fancy or business attire in order to go into the office and you want a laptop bag that reflects the current lifestyle and trend. All of these cultural workplace switches impacts what you wear to work and in the case of Notebooks & Honey, what type of laptop bag that you carry. 
           The Notebooks & Honey tote, amongst many other titles/uses, is a modern  women's laptop bag with a bottle holder (two of them!).  It's the best laptop bag for work because it allows you to be agile in your lifestyle and to top it off, this waxed canvas tote bag also makes a great travel laptop bag!   You want an everyday carryall bag that can hold your laptop rather than to have a dedicated laptop bag that has one solitary purpose. There are many beautiful women's laptop bags out in the market, but they are all so stiff and serious that you really don't want to carry them more than to the office and back.  The more traditional laptop bags simply do not give you much flexibility in terms of using the bag as anything else but to hold your laptop. The Notebooks & Honey bag has a more casual but classic spin on an oversize carryall tote bag that snuggly holds a 15 inch laptop in a vertical position; simply put, it's great for the everyday and in every scenario.    It's a lifestyle thing and times have changed, so you want the bag to represent the more updated you and that can be seen in what you wear (and carry).
          As you may know, I'm a big proponent of the working from a coffee shop lifestyle  and now that Covid is more under control, all the coffeeshops are back to opening their doors to people who want to bum their wi-fi in exchange for yummy overpriced slow drip coffee and oat milk lattes. By the way, I'm so okay with overpaying for coffee if that means you'll let me linger for a couple of hours.  It's so fun to find alternative places to be productive and your Notebooks & Honey bag is the perfect companion.  Even if you decide to leave the laptop at home or at the office, the bag is still a great everyday carryall shoulder bag  and at the end of your work day you can run errands, pick up the kids and take them to their activities or go meet your girlfriends for happy hour and you never need to switch out bags.  This is the only bag you need. Make sure you read the Notebooks & Honey blog  post about how this tote bag lets us wear many hats   and this is all thanks to a certain large interior pocket in the bag.  One of the silver linings with Covid is that this pandemic has made people prioritize their time more and this translates into having a better lifestyle.  Come to think of it, perhaps we should flip the switch and rather than you being what you wear perhaps it should be what you wear represents who you are?