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Teacher's favorite tote bag

              It’s that time of year, You’ve Got Mail season, I affectionately like to call it … where we are at the very beginning of autumn and you can see the holiday season laid out right before our eyes.  The weather is cooling down, although it’s still warm (at least in Atlanta) but in a pleasant, rather than unbearable way, and you can sense the promise of cooler days ahead.  Pumpkin Spice Lattes are in full swing, they don't mess around.  For me and for many parents, students and teachers … it’s the time of year where our second calendar kicks in. That’s right, I’m not talking about the first of January, I’m talking about the annual “back to school” time of year, where the calendar roughly goes from August to May (or September to June, depending on your region of the country). For us in Georgia, we had a trickling of school goers starting at the beginning of August to mid-August, so we have been in school for a while now and by this time all of the country is back in school. If you have school aged kids, whether a pre-schooler or college student, we collectively live by the the two calendar system … “calendar year” and “school year” and I really dig it. It keeps me on my toes, life is never boring when you measure it by what year of school your kid is currently in. That crisp bite in the morning air, the exciting school year ahead of you and the fond memories of Meg Ryan saying something about a "bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils".  I can never remember the exact quote, I just know I love it, I get it. 

You've Got Mail DVD

        Speaking of school, going back to school, being in school, loving when kids are back in school, I need to talk about how the Notebooks & Honey ultimate modern tote bag is such a great carryall / laptop bag for college students and teachers alike.  I'm specifying college students (versus high school) because often times, this is when the older kids want to graduate away from backpacks and have a carryall bag that is a bit more mature, but not stuffy or overly formal. This is a great bag for those that have internships and/or are looking to transition into the career world, essentially when you want to be more professional, of course the Notebooks & Honey bag is an ideal tote because it fits your laptop, books, notebooks and all that you need for school and for everyday life. 

            Do you know who will really benefit from a Notebooks & Honey tote bag though? Teachers. It’s a tote bag for work, yes, but think about it, most teachers are going to work but don’t want a stuffy work bag ( I have a whole blog post about this ) because that's just not the vibe.  They want a teacher bag that is a combination of professional, fun and efficient.  A sleek modern bag that is versatile; ready for anything.  Teachers need a bag that they can hold their laptop, papers, notebooks and various school items and without having to carry multiple bags or have to switch out bags once the school day is over. Pop out your laptop and paperwork from the snug large interior pocket and you can go about your day with this everyday tote bag.  Let's face it, have you seen what goes in a teacher’s tote bag? Check out these insightful articles about teacher bag essentials (here and here). Love how both posts have “emergency chocolates” as an essential item. With the numerous internal and external pockets and sturdy waxed canvas exterior, teachers can safely store all of their “teacher items” in their favorite teacher bag. Large tote bags allow teachers to live out their Mary Poppins inspired lifestyle … pulling out bandaids, deodorant, toothbrush, stain removers and of course, the emergency chocolate, left and right like there is no tomorrow. I would also suggest shopping the Curated Collection for more stuff to go in the bag.  My fave is the Dilemma Decider notepad, what better way to make day to day decisions than a literal pros and cons list. 

Charcoal gray tote bag from Notebooks and Honey with fall leaves

 The Morning Person ( Charcoal Grey Waxed Canvas Tote Bag)

           As I’m thinking about all of these amazing teachers and how they are so passionate about their work, the lasting impact they have on students and how their teacher’s bags have a clever array of pretty nifty items ( another item on the list that I love, is the “spare utensil”. Never leave the house without a spare utensil on you! ), why don’t we show teachers our appreciation with the gift of their next favorite tote bag?  Next time you want to go in on a very personal and cool class gift, whether as a holiday or Teacher Appreciation gift, consider surprising your #1 teacher with a Notebooks & Honey tote bag.  Lastly, since we all know that a teacher’s most esteemed class present is a gift card ( even though they may say home made cookies or chocolate).  We’ve got you covered as Notebooks & Honey has e-gift cards, allowing the teachers to choose which color bag they want but ultimately, you are still giving them an unique and thoughtful gift that they will cherish.  That’s it for now, enjoy Fall, the holidays will be here before you know it and go out and get your bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils.

Olive Green Notebooks and Honey tote bag with fall leaves

 The Wild One (Olive Green Waxed Canvas Tote Bag)