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New to Wholesale: Coming to a store near you!

             Hello! Well, I hope everyone is having a great summer. It's back-to-school time in our household and that means, after an incredible summer of traveling and quality time with the family, it's back to business for everyone. For me, that means I can focus on my final and biggest Notebooks & Honey evolutionary endeavor ... which is to go WHOLESALE!  Yes, Notebooks & Honey bags will be out and about ( going to a city/ town near you) ! This is totally #BTS-think-out-loud info, so bear with me as I want to walk you through the thought process of my new wholesale journey.  I am continuing to sell my bags on my website ( absolutely and without a doubt) and similar to my interior design work, I love the idea of sharing my design with the public and one of the best ways to reach a broader audience faster is with the help of retailers. It's so exciting to think that the ultimate carry all bag will be on display in lifestyle, women's apparel and children's boutiques. I don't have it in my plans to have my own brick-n-mortar shop, so going the wholesale route is the only way that I can have the brand accessible for people to feel, try on and fall in love with the bags in real life.
Five great bags with Notebooks and Honey
Photo credit: Beri Irving Photography
            One of the main drivers of wholesale is committing to producing more bags in order for the wholesale supply (and costs) to make any sense.  It was a long process, primarily due to Covid, but I finally have enough bags in stock for the wholesale plan to finally come together. The totes are all safe and stored in a warehouse where I will be popping in to fulfill the orders ... this brand is still a one woman show, so yes, I'm still behind all of the everything that you see happening at Notebooks & Honey. For better or worse, ha! So all of the orders will be packed by me with love and care. The next step is to find a way to let everyone in the world know that there is a new wholesaler in town!  This is where the fun begins because this is all new territory for me and I believe life should be a journey full of adventure and gaining new experiences. I've actually been doing a lot of research on the wholesale process (from pricing to marketing to fulfilling ) and in addition to getting the word out there, between social media and various marketing campaigns and registering for shows and fairs, I've been researching and will be contacting boutiques throughout the US that I think will be a perfect fit for the Notebooks & Honey bags.  And all in time for the holiday season!  If you are or know a boutique that would be a perfect fit for Notebooks & Honey, please email me at  I would love to hear from you. Additionally, there is a link on the website under "Wholesale" where I am connected through the Handshake by Shopify app ... "the handpicked wholesale marketplace for one-of-a-kind brands".
New wholesaler on Handshake
             I'm excited to see where this new chapter of Notebooks & Honey goes and am proud that I'm able to achieve one of my overarching goals for this awesome brand which I noted in my 2020 and 2021 resolutions.  Well, that's it for my update, there is much to be done, so gotta go! See you on the flip side.