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New Decade. New Blog?!

           About a year ago, a friend suggested that I start blogging for Notebooks & Honey. The idea was to drive more traffic to the website, SEO, blah blah blah. Also, it would be a good opportunity for me to highlight components of the bag, talk about how the bag can be used in real life scenarios and just an overall platform for me to chat about Notebooks & Honey, lifestyle and momtrepreneurial related topics.  Good idea, right?! But, I did say this was a year ago… (Side note: I think “momtrepreneur” is one of those social media words that is so genius and spot on, while giving me the giggles at the same time.)


Editing work on the trusty laptop.

          In reality, starting/thinking about the blog turned out to be a “to do” item that bounced from my list from week to week and then month to month. Then POOF … we are into another year, HELLOOOO 2020!   This was classic procrastination, driven a bit by fear of the unknown. I was really good at making up excuses to not do start the blog. I mean let’s face it, I couldn’t even do the baby step of writing down blog topic ideas, much less opening my laptop to start putting words down. My excuses were "It’s not me, I’m not a writer, I don’t think I can keep up a blog, I have so much other stuff going on, etc.”.  At one point, I just had to decide whether I want to do this or not. And let me tell you, in theory, I REALLY wanted to; even if nobody reads it, I want to prove to myself that I can do this thang.  But in practice, well, maybe it’s just a point of getting started, but I was a bit worried about having yet another thing that I “need” to do hanging over my head. To put things in perspective, I had meditation as part of my New Year’s resolution last year and I was not successful at all in part because I was too stressed out that I had couldn’t fit meditation in my schedule ( and we are talking about 5 minutes per day). It’s not that I couldn’t find five minutes a day, although it is harder than you think with three kids and a hectic schedule, but that I HAD to find five minutes a day. I digress… 
         So here we are, a new year, a new decade and new attitude and entrepreneurial drive for Notebooks & Honey.  I’m excited my small business is starting to pick up steam and I am so pumped to continue to build even more momentum.  I decided to commit to do this blog thing and I told myself, if I don’t start in January … the month to start with a blank slate, make resolutions, crack open the fresh 2020 planner, then I might as well not do it at all. I was tired of fooling myself. But hey, I’m here and I’m excited to give it a go! Although I don’t consider myself a writer, I love the idea of writing. I can be very in my head at times and I absolutely love the idea of going to a coffeeshop and just plugging away at the latest blog installment. This is the year of follow through, taking risks and being the BAD ASS that I know I can be ( that I am! Haha, let’s think positively). 
           To everyone out there, New Year, New Decade! I love January, there is something about this month and the start of the year that emboldens you to go for it. My husband isn’t fond of January because he feels that we are getting off the high of the holidays and the weather is cold, but it’s actually one of my favorite months. There is so much potential for the upcoming year and we are just at the very beginning of the journey. I’m looking forward to this decade because last decade was truly amazing.  I had all three of my kids, spent most of my 30s on many cool adventures and I started Notebooks and Honey. This decade I’m excited to see my business grow and grow along with making even more memories with friends and family.  Time goes by so quickly, at the end of  this decade, my oldest (currently eight years old ) will be off to college … okay, here come the tears, so I need to slow down a bit. 
Honey and Mommy when the idea was just an idea.
          Honey at age eight with Notebooks and Honey's Wild One.
 I know that accountability and putting things in writing will help you achieve goals, so just to put it out there, here are highlights of my 2020 Goals / Resolutions. 
Notebooks & Honey: blog, add more retail offerings to the website  and start selling wholesale. 
Personal: Be more present, be more sustainable and learn how to bake pies.
Good luck with your 2020 Goals. It’s okay if your goals change but at least get off your butt and give it a go.  Happy New Decade!