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The Ultimate Travel Bag.

Posted by Cheryl Yul-Behrenwaldt on
Blog post about the ultimate travel bag and some fave bucket list locations.
         During our summer family vacation, we recently took a trip to Porto, Portugal (yes, home of port wine). The bonding experience of exploring a new place with the family, everyone LOVED Porto, by the way, and the international travel aspect of flying over inspired me to dedicate this blog post to travel. It's been two years since my last #travelbag post  but now with the world opening back up, some would even say it feels "back to normal / pre-Covid times", it's time to get back out there and get your adventure shoes back on. Notebooks and Honey is not only the ultimate modern tote bag, it's the ultimate travel bag. 
Southside of the Douro River ( the side with most of the Port Wineries )
          One of the things to look for in a travel bag or travel packing, in general, is efficiency.  So you want a bag that you can take on the plane that can hold everything that you need, from your laptop, book, water bottle to an extra pair of underwear ( in case of emergency, you never know); but you also want a bag that you can use for when you get to the other side of wherever you are going, why bring more than one bag, right? As you know, Notebooks & Honey bags can be used as a diaper bag, laptop bag and overall everyday carry all bag and this also includes travel bag, because what is a travel bag if not a bag that does all of the above? The key in a travel bag, for the plane, is that you can hold all the things you want and need on the plane and the bag fits perfectly under the seat.  Here is a great link to what you need to pack in a carryon bag for a long flight.  If you are not carrying a laptop or diapers and want to use the large pocket in the bag as storage for an extra T-shirt or scarf, this is the perfect place.  If you do not need both water bottle holders, you can use one of them as a place to hold your glasses case. For long flights and/or international flights, I always have my glasses case with me and I go ahead and tuck in (into the glasses case) my contact case filled with solution so I can pop my contacts out mid-flight or when it is time to sleep.  Other items I like to have on the plane are a book, lotion, chapstick and a mini tube of toothpaste for long overnight flights. The toothbrush is overrated but toothpaste is a must and if not that, then a pack of strong mints or gum!
View of Porto
Notebooks & Honey on the go. 
            For your travel inspo, I've included a really good travel blog for families.  I'm not going to attempt to be a travel blogger, family or otherwise, although traveling is one of my favorite things. What I can do, if you will do the honor of humoring me, is share with you my personal list of places that I would love to go with the family. As a bonus, I'm adding a specific food or drink that is special to the destination that is a must have once I eventually get there. I love traveling, making lists and eating/drinking ... so BOOM:
Hawaii - Spam Musubi
Sedona/ Grand Canyon - Prickly Pear Margarita
Detroit/Michigan Peninsula - Mom's Spaghetti ( Such a gimmick, but I just love Eminem and this place makes me laugh).
Providence, RI - Clam Stuffies
Nova Scottia - Scallops
Patagonia - Lamb Empanadas
Porto, Portugal - Pork Sandwich at Casa Guedes (you can get them all over the city, but this is my fave).
It's mid July now, I hope you are enjoying your summer, whether it's relaxing, spending quality time with the family or checking off items on your bucket list!
p.s. Next blog post will be in September; writing every other month (rather than every quarter or every month) is a good balance for me!

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