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Notebooks & Honey's summer MUST DO list

          It's mid-June and we are elbows deep into summer, swimming and ice cream almost every day, late nights, sleeping in and we've even been fortunate enough to be in the company of occasional fireflies (aka, lightning bugs). Summer is the time to slow down, change up the schedule (we always put a pause on all the extra-curricular stuff because the driver needs a break too) and really spend time with the family. As a momtrepreneur, it's important that I focus on my family over the summer, that is the beauty of being your own boss. I can step back when it's important and this may slow down the progress in my business, but to me, I'm looking out for my absolute priorities and that is making memories with my kids who are growing up way too fast. I'm going to take the next couple of months to focus on the little ones and in return, I will be fully reinvigorated for work around the time that school starts back up in August. We all need the time to recharge and have quality time. It's a win-win in my opinion; a no brainer and I'm fortunate to be able to relish in these snapshots in time. 
The Rebel Gal enjoying the summer sun
The Rebel Gal soaking in the summer sun           
In the meanwhile, if you live in or are visiting Atlanta, I have some great "must do" suggestions for you and your family for the summer ... and all from the perspective of the Notebooks & Honey crew. As you may know, all the totes have their own personalities, so I'm leaving you with those little tidbits in addition to the summer fun checklist. Have a great summer and enjoy making memories! ~ Cheryl
The Morning Person: The bright pop of color inside is "that bliss and welcomed jolt after your first sip of coffee makes you ready to conquer the day." 
If you are looking for a weekend trip near Atlanta, our favorite go-to family destination is Chattanooga, TN. There is so much to do from Rock City to eating your way through the wonderful restaurants to conquering the nearby white water rafting adventures.
The Wild One: The name says it all " 'cause that childlike inhibition will get you to sing karaoke and run with the bulls. "
Enjoy Skyline Park on top of Atlanta's Ponce City Market, this Coney Island style park is super family friendly and don't forget to take in the view! (see the above featured image)
The Social Butterfly: It's time to get back out into the world and this tote " loves dinner parties,  dancing in the moonlight and meeting new friends ". 
One of the silver linings of this past year is the awesome patio dining that has opened up all over the city, so eating and drinking your way through Atlanta with your friends and family is definitely the way to go. A couple of great patio dining guides are here and here
The Classic: Can we say business on the outside and party in the inside? This one is "highly sophisticated but watch out once cocktail hour hits". 
If you love soccer, you will love watching Eurocup 2021 as the European teams battle it out to get to the finals on July 11. Watch the games in our many Atlanta area breweries.
The Rebel Gal: Our girl power tote, "it's feminine and strong and because you only live once, do it in color."
Summer is best spent outside and what better way then to take a hike with your family, friends, dog or go solo for that self-reflection time, just you and nature.
The Social Butterfly tote bag
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