Let's talk wax. - notebooks & honey

Let's talk wax.

          In designing the Notebooks & Honey bag, there were a lot of things to consider in order to make the ultimate modern tote come together successfully. The design (of course) , color choices, closures and materials ... just to name a few.  Today, we are talking about the foundation of what makes this bag work, the waxed canvas material.   Structurally speaking, I was searching for two key elements when considering the material of the bag.   The first is the "stand-ability" of the bag.  I needed the bag to be able to, more or less, stand on its own and have some rigidity.  In order to properly use the bag to its fullest potential, my vision is that you are throwing things in the bag because as much as we aim to keep the bag all neat and tidy, let's face it, we have developed good aim over the years throwing toys, make up, keys, gum, etc. into our bags. The second function is durability, I want the bag to last a long time and I needed a material that can make this happen but still be aesthetically beautiful. Not only does the bag material need to be sturdy enough for everyday use, it also needs to be easy to clean and preferably water resistant. Furthermore, thinking long term, we want the bag to still hold a nice look and character, even after much use; I love the that waxed canvas has so much personality with its weathering and patina built into the fabric over time.  The answer to all the above is simply ... waxed canvas ( and at this price point; going all leather, for instance, would be a whole other ball park).  
Materials for the Notebooks & Honey bag
Materials for Notebooks & Honey: Waxed Canvas ( exterior ) and Nylon ( interior ) 
Waxed canvas is special and meant to last a long time with good upkeep, below is a quick bit about how to clean your waxed canvas (anything). As well as an article that I found to give you some more information about this material ( for those that like to dig a bit deeper). 
  • Spot clean with a damp towel, sponge or brush using cold water and mild soap.
  • With a little soap, gently massage the spotted surface.
  • Gently rinse ( or pat with water ) the area to wash off the soap.
  • Let the waxed canvas air dry. Do not put in washing machine or dryer.
Waxed canvas can be used for many things such as pants, messenger bags, jackets / coats, aprons, etc. Below, I have highlighted some great and creative uses of waxed canvas ... my favorite being the Notebooks & Honey bag :). 
Waxed canvas tote bag
Giving each bag gorgeous personality with its patina. 
Favorite applications for waxed canvas
All images courtesy of Etsy