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It's also a knitting bag!

            Okay, most of you know my story by now, the story of the Notebooks & Honey brand and how these ultimate modern tote bags came about? Just a bite size refresher: Back when my kids were babies, I wanted a bag that did not scream "diaper bag over here", that I can use for other stuff too ... particularly to carry my laptop in because I'm a freelancer that loves toting my laptop around just so I can do work in between carpool and swim practice.  Wheh, there it is, in a nutshell.  Although my elevator pitch, if you will, is that the tote bag can be used as a diaper bag and laptop bag all in one ... in actuality, the sky is the limit and obviously having babies and a laptop is not at all mandatory when it comes to enjoying this bag.  I was thinking about other great ways that people use the bag and of course, most people use it as an everyday tote bag, but other than that one of the best ways  I came across is the notion of using the tote bag   ... (drumroll) as a knitting bag.  And when I say knitting, this can also apply to crocheting, needlepoint and anything crafting related in that realm.  When I think about knitting, the best person that embodies knitting, is friend and fellow momtrepreneur,  Megan Graddy.
                    Megan is the owner of a very cool subscription based knitting box company called Poststitch and to me, she is the model of a get it done mother hustler entrepreneur.  She is also a mother of three young kids, so free time is definitely limited. Duh. Poststitch sends out fantastic curated yarn, patterns and notions to its monthly subscribers and I am amazed by the creativity and planning that comes in each package.  In the era of subscription boxes, Poststitch is so personal and thoughtful and best of all, I love that this is a small business that Megan and her mother are partners in.  Megan gave me a lesson in the mindset and habits of knitters and the world of knitting and apparently, y'all love to have your knitting items with you at all times and what better way to make that happen than with the, ta da... Notebooks & Honey bag! The large interior pocket is PERFECT for your current knitting project, including yarn, needles, pattern book, etc. Essentially you have an everyday carry it all bag with all of your normal "purse essentials"  and then, you have a special compartment for your knitting swag.
Poststitch delivery!
Take your projects whereever you go! 
              Running a small business as a mom is essentially juggling between being a multitasker and innovator.  As momtrepreneurs, we are constantly balancing our many obligations, work, kids, family, husband, dog, house, health, self and we make it work. Sometimes we do it with grace and somehow make all of this seem easy and sometimes we are crying in our lattes.  Leave it to moms to be able to handle so much and and keep our worlds running all the while.  One of the best things about running a small business, particularly an e-commerce one,  is the agility to pivot into different areas that make sense and grow or step back as you see fit. So, in addition to the Covid madness of home schooling three kids, keeping the family sane, running a small business and in general, surviving a totally bizarre year,  Megan found the vision and time to expand her knitting brand and created a sister company to Poststitch that she launched last fall. Yes, there is such a thing as productivity even in the middle of a pandemic! 
                Megan's newest endeavor, Billy + Baa ,  focuses on selling "delightful maker goods for knitters, crocheters, and everyone who loves to play with yarn!".  You can get all of these great notions in one beautiful website and very soon, Notebooks & Honey will be collaborating with Billy + Baa, so stay tuned for that!  Since my wholesale plan for Notebooks & Honey launches in late summer, I've been researching boutiques all throughout the US, majority of them women owned,  to reach out to and I'm so inspired by everyone's story and gumption.  As a final note, as a late Mother's Day thought ... I want to say how I'm so motivated by women that make it happen (whatever that means for them) and am proud to be in such good company. Until next time ...