It's all in the bag - notebooks & honey

It's all in the bag

           It's that time of year ... the holidays are just around the corner and ohhhh my gosh where did the time go?! I don't know about you, but every year once we hit Halloween, I feel like time just zooms by ( ha, not trying to do a Covid reference, but there you go ) and before you know it, I'm falling asleep trying to stay up to celebrate the new year. I know you are with me, and the rest of the world, in saying that 2020 has been so unpredictably WILD.  I'm trying to slow down and enjoy all of the silver linings that have been winking at us throughout this year.
             One of the things I look forward to is gift giving and I love it when you get it just right.  I know there are many "holiday gift ideas" out there and since I super enjoy internet research and online shopping so much, I thought I would give it a go with my version of a curated gifting list. This was pretty fun for me, let me set the scene ... got my cuppa Joe, peanut butter toast with honey for breakfast, podcast blaring, sun shining in the room, windows open and my website tabs are a flying while trolling to find my fave holiday gift ideas.  Nice, right?! Keeping to the brand, I'm focusing on gifts that I really love for myself and the kids. Of course the #1 gift is the Notebooks & Honey tote, the gift that keeps on giving.  In addition to that, I've picked out some other gorgeous and fun items.  Enjoy and thanks for letting me have a chance to play along! 
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