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Cool stuff for your bag

I’ll keep this one short … Hey, blog #5 drop, WOO-HOO!
             Perhaps you have heard by now, there is big news for Notebooks & Honey as I am taking my next move to expand the brand. When I developed the brand and then ultimately had the website and running for a while, I knew I eventually wanted to take steps to make the site even more robust.  As of last week, the Notebooks & Honey site has added a new shop page with items specifically curated for the ultimate modern tote bag.  I’ve been trying to highlight all the great uses of the bag from the get go and what better way to supplement that than to actually offer cool items that will literally go in the bag. The new shop page, called “Curated Collections”, will have items that are geared towards Team Notebooks & Team Honey.  So essentially, items you would normally find in a diaper bag / laptop bag / carry all the stuff bag.  Selling additional items on the site is obviously a way to drive sells and be able to offer more to the customers, but I also just love curating things; it’s therapeutic for me.  That is why I love online shopping and doing research on travel destinations and restaurants, you feel that the world is at your fingers tips so it was pretty fun for me to find all these great things online that I can sell online. It’s all very meta. 
               Not everything is currently in the new shop page because to be honest, if you look at the time stamp, we are currently in the kids-are-all-home-all-day-long-M.O., (thanks COVID-19),  so it will just take more time to get things fully up and running. But, hey, just something to look forward to, right?! Examples of the fab new items on offer are:
  • Market bag  - Small stylish bag for those sustainable grocery runs. Keep it in your Notebooks & Honey bag so you always have it when you need it. 
  • “Restaurant toys” - We go out to eat a lot, so these toys are a great way to occupy the kids without you having to pull out the screen at the restaurant. 
  • Teethers - I wish these were around when my kids were little, so lovely and sweet.
  • Pacifier clips - Same as the above. Pacifier clips have come a long way since my little ones were babies! 
  • Notebooks and planners - Of course, I’m going to include the coveted notebooks and planners. Have we not talked enough about my obsession with planning and making lists?!
  • Pouches - It’s important to keep your tote bag organized, use them as make-up bags, first aid kits, etc. 
  • Snack holders - Make sure you are prepared for those "hangry" moments. 
Until next time, stay safe, happy social distancing and shop online :). 
Shown below, Plus Plus and Yoga Joes :
Plus plus restaurant toys that fit perfectly in the bag.
Yoga Joe's Restaurant toys, for the adults and kids.