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Bags in a bag.

                 So in the last blog post, I talked about getting organized mentally ( a la planner). Awesome sauce. In this post, I want to dive in about getting organized in the more physical sense. How so? Similar to having a nice and tidy living environment, it makes sense to be prepared in your day to day adventures by having a carryall bag that is organized.  Right away, you feel that you are starting off on a fresh and not in a state of chaos. Even the "chaotic" people seem to have their own sense of organization in their state of madness. I find this so interesting. I love this article that really digs into being organized and how that relates to productivity. A really easy thing you can do is something as simple as making sure your tote / purse / carryall whatever you have with you on a daily basis is organized. Basically, getting your s&*t together equals getting your act together.   Being prepared and getting your physical surrounding sorted as much as possible. Let's face it, we are all busy and are constantly being pulled left and right and often times that means that you have to have all the stuff that you need with you at all times.  Essentially, being prepared for all circumstances, whether it’s a make up bag for last minute touches, a first aid kit for those emergency boo-boos or handy shopping bag because you can’t imagine going back to plastic bags at this point.

           When I first designed the ultimate modern tote bag, I really geared it towards people like me, busy on the go moms that love form and function.  It’s a big bag with a lot of great nooks and crannies for your everyday needs (e.g. water bottle holder) to things you didn’t realize that you needed (aka, pen holder or built in sun glasses case) . To supplement the Notebooks & Honey totes and as part of the Curated Collection, I wanted to offer cool and cute items that go IN the tote bag and one of the key items that I have so many of, in various forms, are smaller pouches for the bag. Even in something as commonplace as a your everyday carryall bag, it’s helpful to keep the inside of your bag organized. Being organized physically and mentally go hand in hand; just as you would consult your weekly planner on a regular basis, it makes sense to regularly take inventory of what you have in your carryall tote to make sure you are always prepared for the day. Let's get rid of clutter. Throw away the gum wrappers floating around your bag, toss out the punch cards that you will never actually use and see if you can see the bottom of your bag every once in a while. What can stay and what can go? For the items that are must haves and thus, essentials and staying, the best way to organize your bag is to keep smaller items in pouches/bags that go in your bag. Let's take a look at what options we have in the Curated Collection: 


MON Small Pouch: This beautiful small pouch is the classic catchall pouch for your bag. It’s the ideal size because it can be used for various purposes, from a make-up or hair accessories bag to a “toy pouch” to keep card games, small toys, stickers and coloring items in for kids when they go to restaurants.  Also, makes a great bathroom “in case of emergency” kit bags for teenage girls. Need I say more?



 MON Mini Pouch: This oblong sized pouch, with it’s slim rectangular shape, is the ideal pouch for many uses but in particular, I think they make perfect pencil cases and my favorite, they make a great little first aid kit (especially if you need to carry an epi-pen).

MON Super-Mini Pouch: This is a super cute and fun size as it’s, well, super mini. Great for smaller everyday bags such as a small cross body or smaller purse and it can be used as a light make-up pouch that holds lipstick and hair ties or it can be used as a change purse sense the size and shape is great for holding coins. 



Pillowpia French Market Bag (Four colors) : These super stylish market bags are fun for grocery shopping and in particular, it’s a great size (not too big and not too small) so that produce are securely nestled in the bag. What better way to feel like you are at your local (or French) farmer’s market than when using these bags? Also, since the bags are an open weave style, they also make a wonderful beach or exercise bag where you want your damp items to air out. 

Checkered Reusable Bag (Three Colors): This is the shopping/grocery bag that I currently have in my ultimate modern tote bag. There is an internal pocket that allows the bag to be nicely folded while not in use and the material not only has gorgeous checker color combos but is also very soft, waterproof and durable as well. Bonus ... the bag is bigger than it looks! 


MOD checkered pouch:  This pouch is very special as it is a durable bag but has a very fun soft quilted feel to it. This pouch is fantastic as a make up bag, especially with its cushioned material, you won’t be afraid that your make up will clang around in this protected bag. Best of all, the soft lining makes it a great home to gather your small baby items in when you want to carry them around in your purse, for instance, pacifiers, teethers and small toys that you want to keep clean.


Confetti Pouch: This is pouch makes the perfect DOB kit, great size for all of your travel / toiletry needs. It’s a large open pouch in a very sturdy and fun material that can hold your larger toiletry bottles, lotions, combs, sprays, etc. Alternatively, the large size and fun pattern makes this an ideal on the go art or crafts bag. 


That it for now, wishing everyone a memorable last weeks of school and a happy beginning of summer!