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How to Clean a Canvas Tote Bag

There’s no doubt that canvas tote bags have various purposes!

clean canvas tote bag


On the go, it's a terrific alternative for carrying groceries from the farmer's market or a beach towel. Canvas tote bags are a perfect canvas for personalization because they are often unadorned. 

With paint, stencils, vinyl, and so much more, canvas tote bags are a favorite of crafters and fashionistas! Many people embellish their bags with chains, sequins, and even rhinestones to make them stand out from the rest of the crowd.

The question is, how to clean a canvas tote bag effectively?


The Amazing Canvas Tote Bag

When making attractive tote or shopping bags, producers turn to canvas, a tough and durable plain-woven fabric. Because they don't harm the environment, you'll get far more use out of them than you would with plastic bags. 

Both polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and cotton or linen are employed in their production. Hemp, on the other hand, was historically the first material used to make canvas bags.

It's not uncommon for canvas bags to have an understated aesthetic with just a few standout features. Furthermore, they can maintain their shape, but they are also able to change their shape.


Great Ways to Clean Canvas Tote Bags

1. Remove the dirt from the surface.

It is best to use a dry, soft-bristled brush to remove loose debris from the canvas.


2. Prepare a cleaning solution by mixing all effective ingredients.

Clean using a moderate detergent and water solution. You can use mild body soap, dishwashing detergent, and laundry detergent. Mix the water and soap with a brush until bubbles appear.


3. Clean the surface using a scrub brush.

Using a circular motion, scrub the bag's dirtiest sections with the soapy water mixture, loosening and removing the stains thoroughly.


4. Using a soapy water mixture and a brush, clean off any remaining stains on your bag.

There is no need to soak the canvas in soapy water, but if you have leather or metal hardware, you should attempt to keep them as dry as possible. Don't worry if you spill something on the leather or other hardware. Water-resistant leather is used in many of our designs; it is not the same as waterproof leather, but it can withstand some water exposure. Drying and wiping the non-canvas sections as soon as possible is the best action.


5. Remove the stain by rinsing it thoroughly.

Run a little spray of water over the cleaned area of the bag before rinsing it. It's best to use a tiny stream of water to rinse the soapy solution away from the rest of the bag. Remove the discoloration by rinsing it off. Once the stains and spots have been removed, use a paper towel or cloth to blot them dry. Then, let the bag dry out on its own.


How to Wash a Canvas Tote Bag in the Washing Machine

1. Always verify the level of recommendation.

Wash the machine at the recommended temperature on the product label. Even if your bag is 100 percent cotton, if it is printed, painted, or adorned, you'll want to set the temperature to cold. The bag retains its shape better when it is washed in cold water.


2. Use a detergent that is gentle on fabrics.

Add fabric detergent to the washing machine after that. Add a canvas tote bag to the mix. It can be washed separately or with other canvases to ensure no color transfer. Wait until the cycle is complete before shutting off the washing machine and removing the bag. Remove the canvas bag as soon as the process is complete. Mold and bacteria might grow if you leave them in the washing machine for too long.


3. Redesign the canvas bag

Wrinkled and crumpled tote bags are a common sight after they've been cleaned in the washing machine. Because you can bend the bag with your hands, there's no need to be concerned about how it appears. The first step is to open the bag back up. To reshape the bag, place it flat on a surface and gently tug it with your hands. Smooth out any wrinkles you notice with your hand. Continue to do this until your bag appears smooth.


4. Air dry for a few hours.

After you've washed and dried your bag, it's time to store it. It's advised to avoid drying canvas bags in a dryer because they're usually made of cotton. A drier's heat might shrink the bag, causing it to lose shape. Let it dry naturally instead. Use a drying rack or clothesline, or drape it over a chair to accomplish this. Allow the bag to dry for at least one night after removing it from the washer.

The bag's embellishments can be reattached once it's completely dry. 

Finally! Your bag has been thoroughly cleaned and is now ready to go! Your other canvas bags can also be washed with the proper precautions in the washing machine if they are dirty or have been exposed to a lot of wear and tear.